Lysistrata, Strut Your Stuff

from by Brimstone Rhine

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Once a comic playwright name of Aristophanes
Wrote about a woman who united Ancient Greece
Stopped the war with Sparta, Lysistrata was her name
Teasing was her tactic, provocation was her game

Strut, strut, strut, Lysistrata
Make the boys gasp like a fish outta water
Show them all you’re more than just a mere inamorata
Strut, strut, strut, Lysistrata

Gathered all her girls together, dressed in her best clothes
Even sent for women war decreed to be her foes
Told them, “Too much combat lays a grievous waste to man
Have to stop this killing, girls, I think I got a plan.”

Strut, strut, strut, Lysistrata
Refuse to make his coffee or his favorite frittata
Renounce this war or be denounced persona non grata
Strut, strut, strut, Lysistrata

“First we seize their treasure house, refuse the boys their coins
Then we cross our legs and put embargo on our loins
Assume a gown of yellow silk, perfume yourself to please
Then grab him by his battle lance and bring him to his knees.”

Strut, strut, strut, Lysistrata
Like the other Homer said, “Ooh, boy, why I oughtta!”
Get it through his skull and his medulla oblongata
Strut, strut, strut, Lysistrata

“The oracle has spoken, it is written in the stars
If we can join our forces then this victory is ours
Hold the course and help us save our lovers and our land
Pave the way for others who might need a helping hand.”

Strut, strut, strut, Lysistrata
Inciting all this passion is igniting up our ardor
But if our way is hard, be sure the men’ll be harder
Strut, strut, strut, Lysistrata

Now it’s a new millennium and still it seems to me
Not all that much has changed since four-eleven B.C.E.
So if you got a war to stop and wanna win the day
Skin down to your negligee the Lysistrata way

Strut, strut, my sisters and my brothers
Transmen and transwomen, genderqueer and all the others
Shy flowers, world powers, throw back all your covers
Unite in revolutionizing fighters into lovers

Strut, strut, strut ‘cause you gotta
Strut for truce and armistice
And strut for Lysistrata


from Alecto! Alecto!, released July 11, 2015
Lyrics: C. S. E. Cooney
Music: C. S. E. Cooney, Glenn Kendzia
Vocals: C. S. E. Cooney
Synthesizer: Glenn Kendzia



all rights reserved


Brimstone Rhine Westerly, Rhode Island

Brimstone Rhine is an imaginary rockstar. She is also the alter-ego of fantasy writer and audiobook narrator C. S. E. Cooney.

Glenn Kendzia, Jack Hanlon, and Matt McLaren are all real-life rockstars. Check out "Wild Sun" on BandCamp if you want to hear more of Glenn's own work!
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